The Art of Pitching - How to Get Your Small Business Featured in Top Publications


For many small business owners, the dream is to see their brand name splashed across the pages of a top publication. Whether it’s a mention in a respected national newspaper or a feature in a popular industry magazine, such exposure can significantly elevate your brand’s credibility and reach. But with thousands of businesses vying for the same spot, how do you stand out? Welcome to the art of pitching!


1. Understand Your Why

Before you even start drafting that pitch, understand why you’re reaching out. Are you launching a new product? Celebrating a company milestone? Offering expert commentary on a trending topic? This purpose will shape your entire pitch.


2. Research, Research, Research

The Right Publication: Not all media outlets are suitable for your business. Identify which ones cater to your target audience.

The Right Journalist: Find the writer who covers topics related to your industry. Sending a tech-related pitch to a food journalist? That’s a no-go.


3. Crafting the Perfect Pitch

Attention-Grabbing Subject Line: Journalists receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails daily. Make yours stand out.

Get to the Point: In the first few lines, clearly state what you’re offering.

Add Value: Explain why your story is relevant to their readers.

Personalise: Show that you’ve read their previous articles and explain why you believe your story aligns with their beat.


4. Follow Up, But Don’t Pester

If you haven’t received a response within a week, send a polite follow-up. However, if after the second or third follow-up there’s still no response, it’s time to move on.


5. Be Ready to Deliver

If a journalist shows interest, be prepared. Have high-quality images, press releases, and potential interview dates at the ready.


6. Build Relationships

PR is not just about one-off pitches. It’s about building long-term relationships. Engage with journalists on social media, share their articles, and attend industry events they might be at.


7. Stay Resilient

Didn’t land that feature? Don’t be disheartened. Analyse what went wrong, adapt, and try again. Each rejection is a step closer to a yes!


Pitching is an art, a blend of research, relationship-building, and knowing how to present your story compellingly. With persistence and a well-crafted pitch, getting your small business featured in top publications is not just a dream but a very achievable goal. Happy pitching!

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